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Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap: IBM SkillsBuild

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The advent of the internet brought with it many powerful technological advancements that have changed the way the world operates. But with all the positives of this digital boom, there are some negatives. Cyber attacks are one of them.

Hackers performing alone or on behalf of governments, crime syndicates, and others have found ways to manipulate security systems to break in and steal valuable data and expose businesses and bureaucracies to sometimes irreparable harm. It is estimated that cybersecurity jobs will grow 33 percent faster from 2020 to 2030 than other occupations (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020). Globally, there are 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs going unfulfilled as of 2021.

IBM SkillsBuild offers free training courses to students, job seekers, and educators who are looking to develop cybersecurity and other digital skills. Students as young as 13 are able to register in the program to grow their knowledge of STEM and apply these skills to their current courses in tech.

Signing up is easy. Once you create a profile, you will choose which topics you would like to focus on. These range from cybersecurity to web development to artificial intelligence, and so much more. As you complete courses, you earn badges that can be migrated over to a Job SkillsBuild site where you can view jobs in your fields of interest. Employers can look at your experience with the SkillsBuild program and potentially offer positions at their company.

For educators, SkillsBuild operates as professional development to teachers wanting to stay informed of the latest advancements in technology. All of the program courses available to jobseekers and students are adapted to enhance and expand on teachers' current lessons in the classroom. As an added bonus, teachers are able to track students' progress in SkillsBuild as they use it.

SkillsBuild helps to bridge the gap in digital education to increase the number of cybersecurity professionals who are able to combat cyber attacks.

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